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MARRAKECH! A new concept of boutique hotel sees the day! 

* ARD WA SAMAA * is a unique boutique hotel project , imagined and conceptualized by its developer Michel Jean Menghetti, receptive to all forms of questioning on the quality of life respecting the environment as well as that of sustainable development. To realize this concept, it has to establish a project hotel to size human 
which aims primarily to accommodate a customer seeking a rebate in the form in a frame healthy and close to nature.

Located in a large – scale park of more than 7ha, near Marrakech, at the foot of the atlas , this haven of peace and serenity will be preserved from all forms of aggression in city life , thanks to the priorities given to quality of the environment as well as the decision to support comprehensive and individualized to each host . With over a hundred of persons employed for 40 suites , each guest will follow throughout his stay by a person dedicated.  

The excellence of the presentation in form will be performed in spas, inspired feng shui, harmonizing energy environment of the place, so as to promote the health , well- being and prosperity of its guests.

This qualitative research in all the levels will also like denominator common excellence on efficiency energy generated by 3000m2 panels photovoltaic allowing to the hotel to operate in total autarky energy solar. To complete it all, all the points restorations will be supplied in fruit and vegetables bio from essentially the next tenant of the hotel.

Finally, to take advantage of an exceptional African sky , 2 astronomical observation domes will be erected on towers, served by digital telescopes.  

The designer, Michel Menghetti, described his appearance innovative :
So much of years of reflection to allow for this worthy project to see finally the day!

* ARD WA SAMAA * (Earth & Sky) A label for a quality of existence and an art of living without fear of daring ! In the 21th century so that everything has been said and shown in terms of safeguarding of the environment and balance food disastrous , this despite a panoply of tools at our disposal, we are still very regularly us wrong or just simply we give up to use massively our arsenal technological and scientific revolution which nevertheless dominates widely in all the areas , the sum of the energies fossils existing as well as various skids industry with their dark consequences imposed on our lives without us can piper word. 

No longer worry about who, what or how! Do – it! Let -the together! So that our children can one day continue our work while in the improving again and again.  

* * ARD WA SAMAA share its meaning, is a description of what we live and see all every day. The Label that our Group is developing today is the component of multiple factors environmental , energy , organic farming ( plants vegetable and medicinal ) treatments quantum architectures and holistic , so as to be able to complete a specification without stops is exceeding , for multiple projects future to come . 

The partners financiers of our group have taken the decision for me to entrust the development of our various projects , something for which , I gathered around to me a team of women and men with multiple skills , loans of creativity in the service of the innovation for a preserved environment .

Our first project in the course of realization is : * ARD WA SAMAA * Shop / Hotel This means promising , rich in components Energy clean , sustainable, respectful of our environment even in the smallest details and limits the possibilities already mastered the we allow .  

Our hotel will showcase our projects to come and encompass the whole of all the factors of which we are talking largely to inside of our presentation .

Our project hotel fits in a first African , or even global , combining and juxtaposing all that which is feasible in terms of creativity green , to sublimate the stay of our guests , so they can be recharge and thus access to an experience one and rewarding , which we hope , will the accompany even within the same of their existence, and thus may be about a result, they may themselves revive and deliver the other .

A concept that has as its argument Financial, the Chairman of the Board of Directors William Cramer himself in explains :

Why did you invest in this project ? It’s my sense a very good example of investment durable , which manifests a commitment to long term . In as partner and manager of investor of this project , I had the opportunity in the past to look to many projects , as diverse as exciting .

In fact , I have the opportunity and privilege to belong to an old family Geneva installed since 1624, in that which is regarded as one of the main places financial worldwide. My grand father had founded the house wealth management Cramer & Cie , subsequently repeated by my father , prior to becoming the Banque Cramer. Myself even I was collaborating in this institution , prior to becoming investor independent in different areas , real estate in particular.

The initiators of this boutique hotel are of foreign origin . What a beautiful example of commitment to sustainable finance, a plate rotating in this field, as recent as necessary to combine pursuit of returns, but also of considerations environmental and social. The complex will be completely autonomous for its food in energy thanks to panels Solar (note that Morocco is the first producer in the world energy solar), a park agricultural supply in situ organic products needed to power the complex and the recycling will be strongly placed in front. This without counting the hundreds of jobs created , that which will allow for families whole live decently through activities and created . It is a project , which is to this day unique on the African continent , both in its concept and in its philosophy . 

* ARD WA SAMAA * brings together qualities , which are part of the values with which I was brought up : serious , long- term, respect for the environment and international openness (the investors already interested are Swiss , Moroccan and medium- oriental).  

A concept that has really his place in an environment so exceptional we confirmed William Cramer; His own experiences in this field it has allowed also to enrich, from a point of view professional and technical, and allow as input a real contribution to the development and proper functioning of the future boutique hotel, participating and to its success.

What definition would give you in this project boutique hotel * ARD SAMAA WA *? • Original concept but above all unique in its kind • Concept carrying a way of life respecting the environment and sustainable development • Concept giving a real sense of quality while respecting the human value of each guest • Concept that will be sustainable , in terms of schooling of autarky solar energy • Concept for a real challenge success


Finally , his officiant of biological and phytotherapeutic aspects, Doctor Samir Belmezouar also gives us his enlightened opinion:

Why I adhere to this project ? First of all in relation to my convictions! I ‘m someone who loves deeply the being human and suffers from the view will deteriorate by all these products chemicals that we ingest in all the products of consumption, even the most basic, and all these materials synthetic as we use every day. AND here is the arrival of * ARD WA SAMAA *, a project that will allow us to reconcile with nature.

ARD ( earth ) ! Use all its products natural , in trying to cherish , for that return it we make good. SAMAA ( heaven ) ! Take advantage of your energy to position yourself in relation to all these lights that strengthen the soul , and that is the real goal of this great project; in which we will be able to work on the mix of natural products drawn from the earth , light and energy from the heavens, in order to improve them for the well- being of man.

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