A label for a quality of life and an art of living without fear of daring.

In the 21st century, while everything has been said and demonstrated in terms of environmental protection and disastrous food balance, despite a panoply of tools at our disposal, we very regularly continue to make mistakes or quite simply give up using massively our revolutionary technological and scientific arsenal, which however largely dominates in all fields, the sum of existing fossil fuels as well as the various industrial blunders with their dark consequences imposed on our lives without us being able to say a word.

We no longer care who, what or how! Let’s do it! Let’s do it together!
So that our children can one day continue our work while improving it again and again.

“ARD WA SAMAA” by its meaning, is a description of what we all live and see every day. The Label that our Group is developing today is the component of multiple environmental, energy, bio-agricultural (vegetable and medicinal plants), quantum care and holistic architectures factors, in order to be able to meet an ever-increasing set of specifications for multiple future and upcoming projects.

In the projects of “ARD WA SAMAA” we strive to aim for consistency and for this we do everything possible to validate and certify a complete chain, taking into account the needs of mankind in its needs to preserve the planet, to eat as healthy as possible to sublimate its health capital, as well as to access a principle of teaching so that the open source of all our projects can accompany at will the man who wants to introduce to his daily life the active ingredients that make up our projects.

A 100% eco-responsible hotel business, wellness centres providing quantum care that informs the human cell, leisure activities for young and old adapted to each person, production laboratories for the manufacture of essential oils, vegetable oil oils, phytotherapy by virtuous plants, all this in a framework that closes the certification chain by organic farming land in terms of compliance with the strict standards in force, by the quality of seeds from sources that comply with the assurance of non-transgenic, the potabilization of water and solar energy to boost the irrigation chain.