Earth & Sky Corporation has started its IPO process to be listed on the NASDAQ

Earth and Sky is an eco-responsible corporation active in 3 distinctive industries: hospitality, agriculture, and the production of essential oils.

Wellness tourism and healthcare are undoubtedly among the trends gaining greatly in popularity over the past decades. Earth and Sky Corporation provides its guests with a unique perspective on modern recreation and the search for a new balance, offering a wide range of services: from a unique boutique hotel to quantum and holistic treatments and original therapies.
Currently, Earth & Sky is building its own luxury hotel in Marrakech, a large part of which has already been completed. Forty rooms will soon be ready to accomodate the first guests. The resorts intends to build six swimming pools, including pools with sea and fresh water, outdoors as well as indoors. In order for guests to fully experience the cultures from different provenances, three SPA centers will also be built: offering Arab, Asian and Holistic wellness treatments. The hotel is environmentally conscious, its singularity lies in the fact that it will produce its own eco-energy ensuring that it is fully self-sufficient.
This approach is very much in line with the Kingdom’s leading role in sustainable power, as Morocco is well recognized as a major promoter of green-energy. The priorities of the corporation are to harness the gifts of nature and to cultivate its guest to really care for it, the hotel has an animal park, organic farms, untouched by any chemicals and where the freshest products are grown.

Earth and Sky Corporation provides guests with the opportunity to immerse into the unique culture of Morocco, which bears the imprint of Berber, Arab and European traditions. The luxury hotel is equipped with all the necessary services, allowing guests to surrender to the treasures of Moroccan culture and feel all the delights of North Africa.

Earth & Sky corporation looks at the concept of wellness from a different perspective. Instead of the classic European approach to health, the resort professionals place considerable emphasis on traditional techniques from different cultures, focusing on the emotional and philosophical components of the distinctive treatments provided that are accompanied by the use of home grown essential oils.

Earth and Sky builds on the traditions of the past, transforming them into an innovative model of recreation, providing guests with the opportunity to spend time not only experiencing enjoyment and satisfaction, but also with deep rooted and measurable benefit for their health.
One of the unique features of this setting is full immersion in the atmosphere of taking care of yourself, your body and your mind. Upon arrival, guests are invited to make a full check-up, based upon their results a team of specialists develop an individualized system of procedures, which includes phytotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine and holistic nutrition.

Earth and Sky is a unique, innovative and daring company, designed to respond to human needs and the great challenges of our current era. Today, the company provides a new generation of wellness services to people who are consumed by their work and everyday stress. Solutions to return to the source of our well-being and awaken ones inner harmony that nature is willing to provide to all those prepared to listen. This is clearly part of Earth and Sky’s core offering.

Michel Jean Menghetti, Board member of Earth & Sky 

To finance Earth & Sky´s ambitious plan to build on an exceptional plot of land, Swiss Financiers is guiding the company to go public with its unique proposition on the capital markets. The listing on the NASDAQ will allow the company to grow and expand in the interests of its guests and shareholders. The capital raised will allow the group to enhance the range of services and innovative wellness solutions.»

Marc Deschenaux , Swiss Financiers Partner 

About Earth & Sky


Earth & Sky is the Moroccan-based corporation that combines the production of essential oils along with a hotel providing a wide range of wellness services from full check-up upon arrival to traditional Chinese medicine and individual approach to every guest. If earlier adherents of wellness travel mainly focused on relaxation and taking care of their appearance, now the focus has shifted to the health of the body systems.

Apart from the classic SPA offers and treatments Earth & Sky hotels are equipped with technologies that are able to make a deep check of health in order to prevent guests from illnesses and let them breath deeply. Earth & Sky hotels are located in breathtaking locations where people can fully enjoy the crystal clear air, amazing nature and a relaxing atmosphere of silence, which favorably affects physical and mental health. Spas offering resourcing treatments, ranging from sand therapy, affusion showers to Moroccan treatments, as well as quantum treatments.

For hotel guests are available various swimming pools, including a saline pool recreating a lagoon with its white sand as well as on-site activities ranging from an astronomical observation tower, horse riding poles, a pétanque court, a library and a musical space. It is not a secret that outdoor activities are tremendously beneficial for humans’ health, they promote muscular strengths which is essential for metabolism and immune system, improve cardiovascular health, boost endorphins and help to reduce stress and anxiety.

The Earth and Sky Corporation combines the traditions of the past and the innovations of the future, creating an excellent environment for a new generation of recreation.

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