If “ARD WA SAMAA“could be told to us, it would fit in one word:


The vegetable kingdom, son of the mineral kingdom, holds the sum of the secrets of biological life! Our great allies, the plants with which we cohabit and share our planet, are for some, a precious line of support for our organism, which is constantly undergoing turbulence and aggression by the various oxidizing factors of our daily environment. Our company wishes, through a faultless traceability, to make you benefit from cold extracted vegetable oils, as well as from our essential oils, all produced within our production unit, directly at the estate.

All of our products are organically grown and comply with the most stringent rules in this area. Whether you are a follower or curious, you must now integrate into your life, the use of our products, in order to effectively support the extraordinary work of antioxidants already initiated by our metabolism, but unfortunately in insufficient quantities to effectively slow down and stop the advance of free radicals, sworn enemies of eternal youth.

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