Organic Farming Agriculture


Our agriculture is meant to be organic.

This strong and yet somewhat over-worn term remains for us the crown of our work chain. The selected lands that we plan to acquire, are still untouched by any chemical mistreatment, ready to receive a seed by certified non-transgenic seeds allowing them to find their ways to shape virtuous plants, flowers and fruits, thanks to an irrigation of water purified and structured in a natural way from groundwater and atmospheric capture Completing a chain that reveals its ecosystem.

The global context marked by food security, climate change, rising raw material prices, and the empowerment of producers are the current challenges of agricultural and rural development, forcing human beings to manage their own development and to turn a blind eye where there is reason to remain attentive and vigilant.

In order to ensure an abundant supply of raw materials for the development of our brand, we are preparing to acquire a significant amount of agricultural land in our region, for a surface area ranging from 200 to 500 hectares.

In a society that continues to let its fundamentals die out, it is essential to recognize agriculture as a sure and essential value of the tertiary sector while subjecting it to sustainable development.

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